In certain cases, bone grafting is required in order to be able to place dental implants and other dental restorations. There are two main types of bone grafting:

  • Ridge augmentation – used when the jawbone has deteriorated at a tooth extraction site
  • Sinus augmentation – used when the sinus floor must be repositioned to accommodate a dental implant

To complete ridge augmentation, your experienced dentist will fill in deteriorated areas with a bone-like substance to provide a secure foundation for a dental implant. In sinus augmentation, Dr. Stragier will perform a simple procedure to lift or reposition the sinus floor to allow room for a dental implant. After a period of healing, your custom dental implant can be placed to effectively improve your oral health. To learn more about the benefits of implant dentistry and to schedule your consultation with your San Diego dentist, we invite you to call Balboa Dental Care soon.