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Tooth Extraction

If you have a tooth that is infected, decayed, or loosened by gum disease, tooth extraction may be the best step to better oral health.

Dr. Daniel E. Stragier at Balboa Dental Care in San Diego, CA, can put you at ease and make the process painless.

And, with more than 30 years of dental experience, he can expertly restore your missing tooth.

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We provide answers to your questions, from topics like routine cleanings to possible extractions. Please take advantage of the free consultations at Balboa Dental Care.

Patients Agree:  Tooth Extraction Is Less Painful Than Expected

A 2016 study found that among a group of 52 patients,

Tooth Extraction Post-Operative Pain statistic

*According to research published in Clinical Oral Investigations.

Patients Love Our Painless Treatment

"I’ve Dr Stragier for my dentist for the last 30 years.  I have always trusted his judgement and his care.  He doesn’t even ask you questions after inserting his instruments in your mouth. Never had any pain during treatment....even root canals.  He also updates his equipment.  Has the latest in technology." Merrilyn Pope

Can I Wait to Get a Tooth Extraction?

This is not the time to procrastinate. A tooth that is decayed or damaged will not heal and opens the door to more problems. Left untreated, an infected tooth can cause bone loss and gum disease, which will be harder to fix. The infection will likely spread to other teeth, causing even more dental problems. However, if you are considering the extraction of wisdom teeth, you usually have more flexibility in choosing a time that fits into your schedule.

Gentle Tooth Extraction

With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Stragier at Balboa Dental Care in San Diego can perform most tooth extractions, including molars, without referring you to an oral surgeon. He also extracts wisdom teeth.
Whether it's your first visit to see us or your 50th, Dr. Stragier will closely listen to your concerns, appreciate your goals, and respect your budget.
Whether it's your first visit to see us or your 50th, Dr. Stragier will closely listen to your concerns, appreciate your goals, and respect your budget.

Ensuring Patient Comfort

During your appointment at our San Diego dental officeDr. Stragier will administer a local anesthetic for painless tooth extraction and offers sedation for patients who are looking for more pronounced relaxation.

Removing the Tooth

For simple extractions, the tooth can be gently loosened and removed using forceps. In more complex surgical extractions, incisions may be made in the gum tissue to better reach the tooth or to break it into sections for easier removal.

Treating the Extraction Site

The dentist may recommend socket preservation to preserve bone density at the extraction site. This step helps prevent other teeth from shifting into the empty space and provides a solid foundation if you are considering a dental implant to replace the missing tooth.


If needed, your dentist will close the extraction site using sutures. You will also be asked to gently bite down on a piece of sterile gauze to limit bleeding and allow a blood clot to form. The blood clot prevents a painful condition called dry socket.

Can we clear up any concerns?

Dr. Daniel Stragier

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Dr. Daniel Stragier at Balboa Dental Care has provided patients with comprehensive, personalized service since 1985. Our office uses state-of-the-art technology, and Dr. Stragier holds membership in:

  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • San Diego Implant Study Club

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